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Modern educational frameworks have evolved significantly over the last generation, from digital technology to positive psychology and a focus on wellbeing and inclusivity. Yet our play structures have not kept up with this changing face of education.


By designing play structures to enhance creativity, physical literacy and cognitive agility the Flowbars bring a new understanding into realigning play with modern educational frameworks.


Flowbars reinforce the messages and learning methods in the classroom. They nurture the well-being of students and improve concentration, confidence and engagement. The sculpture provides a platform for social development as individuals work together in a creative side of play. Similar to music, the arts and dance. The Flowbars rewards innovation and inventive problem solving over strength and competition. This change away from a contest and towards connection creates a space where individuals can play collaboratively and explore group dynamics within a positive activity. 

Trauma informed Practice

The Flowbars is currently being researched as a tool to assist with Trauma Informed teaching practice. 

''Kids are using it as a calming tool aswell, we have some kids that come out and use it for brain breaks, learning breaks, if they have gotten frustrated or angry. They come out and it give them the deep pressure feedback that their joints are looking for. So the climbing the jumping the hanging off. This calms them down and while they are playing on it, I'll climb on with them and have that restorative conversation while they are playing. Its not so confrontational while playing to have the challenging conversation, and it works so well.''

- Kim Buck, Wellbeing Leader, Elizabeth South Primary 


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