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Traditional Play Structures


-  Antipathetic to nature

-  Linear / metric

-  Directional / repetitive motions

-  Encourages rote learning

-  Developmental Deadend

-  One size fits all

-  Standardised / Commonplace

-  Restricted movements

Flowbars Play Structure south. 6.jpg

-  Integrated/inspired by nature

-  Abstract formation

-  Multi Directional

-  Free play / self determined routes  

-  Expands creativity

-  Inclusive of all skill levels

-  Unlimited creative potential

-  Expands physical literacy



Definition: ’the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes’

Flowbars from above


Flowbars integrates biomimicry into the traditional monkey bars structure, morphing them into a nature based design.


In doing so, the structure seeks to recreate the spontaneity of playing in nature. Like climbing a tree, individuals need to traverse constantly varying distances between bars and negotiate the curvature of the chaotic structure.


The structure hereby has an innate connection to the anatomy of the human body. We have evolved to climb over irregular distances, utilizing our bodies to swiftly navigate through the forest. The flowbars works with this innate sense of movement and body awareness.

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