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Flowbars are interactive, free-flowing sculptural works that exist at the intersection of arts, science and play. Originally created as three-dimensional line drawings, and now realized as functional play equipment. These sculptures evolve play structures to enhance creativity, physical literacy and cognitive agility. south 4 .jpg

Evolving Play Structures / Biomimicry


Flowbars take their design lineage from biological forms, they appear to be grown from the ground, rather than manufactured.


Connecting directly to how we have evolved to move our bodies through chaotic jungles, forests and natural environments.


They provide a new alternative from our current play structures that are modelled on simplistic geometric architecture and mass production.


Physical Literacy  / Movement Autonomy

Traditional play structures set out rigid linear pathways. They are directive to the motions of up-down, back and forward.


The flowbars seeks to activate expanded spatial awareness. Moving in any direction is possible, and the whole body complex is engaged to creatively navigate the challenging structure.


An important difference here is that the pathways of traditional structures are directive, they tell someone which way to go. The flowbars are invitational, they ask the individual to constantly be improvising, initiating autonomy over their navigational decision making.


Neuroscience / Flowstate

'' The complex organic design of the Flowbars means that most traverses of the structure will require novel calculations of sensory-motor activity as each exploration takes a different path. This interplay between familiarity and novelty greatly facilitates the long-lasting acquisition of neuromuscular coordination, balance and strength.''

- Ian Gibbons Neuroscientist


Research / Paedogogical alignment

Modern educational frameworks have evolved significantly over the last generation, from digital technology to positive psychology with a focus on wellbeing and inclusivity. Yet our play structures have not kept up with this changing face of education.

By designing play structures to enhance creativity, physical literacy and cognitive agility the Flowbars bring a new understanding into realigning play with modern educational frameworks.

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